[where do you go] Bezos's ex-wife becomes the richest woman in the United States - 北京快三开奖结果
[where do you go] Bezos's ex-wife becomes the richest woman in the United States
[0} China new longitude and latitude client, July 20 (Xue Yufei) the successful experience of big brother does not go to copy, but may be able to follow the big guy less tortuous road. China and New Zealand Jingwei launched the young column \ Bezos' ex-wife becomes the richest woman in the United States Jeff Bezos and ex-wife McKenzie Bezos. Source: CCTV finance and economics

After the divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos took a quarter of Amazon's shares from him, accounting for about 4% of the company's total shares. At that time, the shares were worth about $36 billion.

During the epidemic period, Amazon's share price continued to rise. According to Forbes, McKenzie Bezos's fortune recently exceeded $62 billion (about 433.4 billion yuan), making her the richest woman in the United States, replacing the daughter of Wal Mart's founder, Liz Walton, and being just one step away from being the richest woman in the world.

Although McKenzie is still some distance away from the position of the richest woman in the world, some analysts speculate that Dafa Kuaiyi three precision plan app obeys the rising potential of Amazon's share price. It is only a matter of time before McKenzie is upgraded from the richest woman in the United States to the richest woman in the world.

[0} Jing Weijun comments: the epidemic has made many industries in a state of great decline, but the value of e-commerce is sought after, which makes Bezos the richest man in the world. If the ex-wife can become the richest woman in the world, this rare group is in line with the past and the present.

Zuckerberg denounced the U.S. authorities against the epidemic

[0} Zuckerberg and fudge live link source: China new network

On July 16, local time, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, made a live connection with American infectious disease expert Fu Qijin. Zuckerberg accused the United States of handling the new epidemic and showed his determination to the authorities' anti epidemic efforts.

Foreign media reported that \ The U.S. government's response to the epidemic is getting more and more public. Economic restart is the main task, but the priority is to limit the epidemic situation.

Yu Minhong's talk about voluntary

in college entrance examination Yu Minhong (right), founder of New Oriental, attended the live dialogue. Source: China Singapore network

On July 13, Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, attended a live dialogue. When talking about the voluntary choice of subjects in the college entrance examination, he believes that the main principle of voluntary filling is to be consistent with one's own ambition and interest. However, if the private school and the junior college had to choose one from the other, he would give priority to the private school. Because of the friendly atmosphere in the University and the students in the University, they decided what kind of person they would cultivate. Now, after entering the University, the students can still have the opportunity to choose the specialty again.

Jing Weijun comments: Mr. Yu's inspirational story has inspired a lot of people. Now his behavior nurtures the big man who goes to work, and asks the college entrance examination students to make the main choices in life. Jing Weijun thinks that you can choose any specialty, but if you want to learn well and deeply, you will not worry about finding a job there.

Lu Zhengyao quits Ruixing coffee board

Ruixing coffee shop. Photo by Xiong Siyi of Sino Singapore longitude and latitude

Ruixing coffee announced on July 13 that the company held a shareholders' meeting on July 5, 2020, and held a board meeting on July 12, this year. According to the results of the two meetings, Guo Jinyi, a director of the board of directors and CEO of lucky coffee, has been appointed as the chairman of the board of directors and the CEO of lucky coffee. Four independent directors, namely Yang Jie, Zeng Ying, Cha Yang and Liu Feng, have been added.

According to the above announcement, the news that Lu Zhengyao, Li Hui, Liu Erhai and Shao Xiaoheng were removed from the board of directors of Ruixing coffee was finally confirmed. Ruixing's board of directors can be described as a \

rash and too much in haste make complaints about the coffee industry, but it has left behind a lot of chicken stocks and a lot of stocks. When you come out, you always have to pay back. Some people should be responsible for this farce. In the Internet age, everything will leave traces, sincere management, do not do false accounts. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)


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